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Welcome To Tracer Technologies

Welcome To Tracer Technologies. Since 1995 we have been helping folks marry sound and computers. Our Custom Built PCs are lightning fast and not weighed down by shovelware. We provide the world's best Audio Forensics products and training. Our Audio Restoration Services allow you to use our expertise to clean and evaluate your personal recordings and collection. Most importantly, we still answer our phones. Call us toll free at 866 260 6376 and we'll answer your questions.


We are pleased to announce our latest product, LPID! This unique software product has been under development for quite some time. So many of our customers are recording old records and tapes to their PC, letting advanced products like our Diamond Cut software split them into tracks and clean them...but nothing tells you the name of the songs contained. Until now. Rather than a list of titles called Track 1, Track 2, etc...LPID automatically tracks down the name of the song and renames it for you. It will save you hours of hunting and pecking and leave more time for enjoying your recordings. We've also created some fantastic bundles so you can renovate your restoration system and save a few bucks!

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The World's Best Audio Restoration and Enhancement Tools!

For almost 20 years, we've been providing the best hardware and software on the planet for Audio Restoration and Enhancement. Our Arsenal of Noise Reduction hardware and software will make any recording you own sound better.

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Forensic Audio Training,Hardware and Software!

Tracer has been on the forefront of Forensic Audio since it's inception. We offer an impressive array of Audio Forensics Software, Time tested Audio Forensics Hardware, and Advanced training courses/DVDs that can help anyone master this art.

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Audio Restoration Services

Have a Forensics recording you need to have evaluated? Have a favorite treasured recording you need cleaned and transferred to CD? Our new Audio Restoration services allow you to take advantage of our world-renowned Audio Restoration expertise for incredible music enhancement. For Forensics Click HereFor your treasured record or tape restoration Click Here

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The Latest From Tracer...

You come here because Tracer is an authority on Audio Restoration, Audio Enhancement, Records and Tapes To CD, Tape Restoration and Repair, etc. But we're more than just sound specialists. Read on and find out.

Audio Performer Now Shipping!

Tracer is proud to announce that Audio Performer is now available. This innovative new software product is designed so that anyone can produce a professional audio performance with little or no training. This "Playlist" editor takes a new approach to audio editing by allowing you to combine several different moods of music that were never designed to fit together and create a seamless audio presentation. This powerful product is ideal for Ice-Skating, Gymnastics, Dance and other timed performances.

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Audio Performer- Audio Performance Software

Audio Performer- Audio Performance Software



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Tape Repair DVD Bundle



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