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Tracer FAQs Library

Tracer FAQs Library

Welcome to our extensive collection of articles that are related to audio. Over the years we've compiled interesting tutorials, articles and other useful information for the typical audiophile. These are all in PDF format so you can print and read at your leisure. Have fun.

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The Tracer FAQs

These FAQs are all in the PDF format. If you don't have a PDF reader on your machine, you can download a free reader by going to Adobe Acrobat Reader

The New Way

It isn't 1975 anymore. There's a better way to record your treasured vinyl to the computer en route to a more modern playback medium like MP3, CD, DVD or others. Read the details here!

Download The New Way

Audio Cable and Connector Tutorial

If you've ever been confused by the various audio connectors and cables available, don't hesitate to read this thorough and interesting journey into audio cables and connectors. Read the details here!

Download The Tutorial

RIAA Explained

The RIAA EQ curve is on just about every 45 and LP record you own as well as implemented in your stereo system. Find out about it and why you should know.

Download The RIAA explanation

Questions Answered About our AudioCenter PCs

Before you buy a computer, you should ask these same questions...luckily, Tracer answers them for you here and also explains why AudioCenter PCs are so different from standard computers

Tell Me About AudioCenter PCs

Why Run A Balanced System?

What are the advantages of running a balanced recording system on your PC?

Tell Me About Balanced Systems

Diamond Cut LIVE/Forensics Testimonial

Steve Cain is one of the major players in Audio Restoration for both the US Government and private sector as well. His list of credits is impressive and he is a dedicated Diamond Cut LIVE user. Read about his thoughts on the software.

Tell Me More About DC LIVE/Forensics

Cleaning The Surface Of A Record

So you're ready to restore your old vinyl...you may want to check here first to get a few helpful hints on some vinyl housekeeping before you record.

Cleaning A Record

Choosing The Best Stylus For Your Records

Now that you're dusting off that old Record Player...are you sure you've got the right Stylus to match your vinyl?

Help Me Choose A Stylus

Which Filter Matches Which Noise?

Where do you start? You've chosen the Diamond Cut software, but which tools work best on differing types of noise? This handy chart may point you in the right direction.

Choosing The Right Filter

Ten Myths About PC Audio

If you have questions about sound cards, multi-tracking, MP3 and other PC audio questions, climb the mount and ask the audio experts.

Tell Me!

Help Me Restore My Record Collection

Find Out how you begin and what gear you'll need to do this. You'll be surprised at how much of this you already own. This thorough guide will answer your questions and get you started on the right foot.

Help Me Restore My Record Collection

Help Me Restore My Tape Collection

Restoring your tapes is very similar to restoring your records, but this guide will make sure you know what you need to get started.

Help Me Restore My Tape Collection

Using Diamond Cut As An Audio Signal Generator

This software has lots of tricks up it's sleeve.

Tell Me How!

Using Diamond Cut To Test Your Sound Card's Performance

Test your soundcard performance without using external testing gear.

Tell Me How!

Use Diamond Cut To Create Your Own Test CDs

This comprehensive tutorial shows you how to make your own test tone CDs

Tell Me How!

Digital Audio Recording Analysis-The Electric Network Criterion

Using Diamond Cut to authenticate audio recordings for trial.

Tell Me How!

Using Line Frequencies To Identify Country Origin

This handy chart shows you the line frequencies worldwide

Tell Me More!

Speaker Cable Power Loss By Gauge, Length and Load Impedance

What are you losing across your various feeds of audio cable?

Tell Me More!

DSS White Paper

Explore this exciting never before seen Forensics Tool.

Tell Me More!

Right Way PC Manual Sample

If you didn't think you could build your own PC and save money, take a gander at this sample of our newest PC manual. You'll be able to build your own PC, feel more comfortable with it and save yourself a great deal of money

Show Me!

Am I Using The Right EQ Curve?

This handy chart will show you various vinyl types from various companies and help you apply the correct EQ curve to make it sound best.

Show Me
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