Tracer Software Getting Started Guides Library

Tracer Software Getting Started Guides Library

Welcome to our extensive collection of Getting Started Guides that are related to our audio software products. These are all in PDF format so you can print and read at your leisure. Have fun.

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The Tracer Softguides

These Getting Started Guides are all in the PDF format. If you don't have a PDF reader on your machine, you can download a free reader by going to Adobe Acrobat Reader

Audio Mentor

Though Audio Mentor is the easiest product in the world to use for transferring your treasured recordings to the computer and then onto CD, MP3, WMA, etc., this guide will talk you through the parts that the wizard doesn't.

Mentor Me

DC SEVEN Getting Started Guide (New)

This extensive walkthrough will lead you through several full restoration jobs using the world's best audio restoration and enhancement tools.

Download The Guide

DC LIVE/Forensics 7 Getting Started Guide (New)

This walkthrough will lead you through the lastest version of DC LIVE/Forensics and explain how to use this high powered Audio Forensics Tool

Download The Guide

DC SIX Getting Started Guide

Learn About DC SIX and walk through several full examples of restoration and enhancement jobs using the program demo

Download the SIX Guide

Diamond Cut LIVE/Forensics 6 Getting Started Guide

This comprehensive Getting Started guide will start you off on the right track with this popular Forensics software product.

Tell Me More About DC LIVE/Forensics 6

DC Milllenium Getting Started Guide

It's starting to show a little silver on the temples, but this powerful audio product, released in 2000 still has the power to get the job done. This walkthrough guide helps you get more familiar with Diamond Cut Milllenium.

Teach Me About DC Millennium
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