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Custom Built PCs

This custom-built computer is designed as the workhorse for any job you give it. Lightning fast and with no lardware, demoware, or freeware to gunk up the works. We start with speed and go from there.
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The new AudioCenter Touch Elite is designed to let your fingers do the walking. No longer will you be chained to a mouse and watch with envy as your ipod or pad friends use their touch screens...Now you get the best of both worlds!
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The ForensicsCenter PC is built with the durability, security, and precision expected in a lab environment. This system has speed to burn and safeguards designed into it so that your processing is fast and the integrity of your evidence is maintained!
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Our Custom Built PC Philosophy

Anybody can sell a computer. Most of us end up buying a computer at either our local retail outlet or from some of the better known computer builders such as Dell or Compaq. While this seems like a good plan and certainly one which the majority of folks follow, there is a better way...particularly if you're a little "hands-on". Tracer Technologies now offers 3 distinct custom built PCs, designed specifically to fit your budget and computing requirements. With the Tracer PCs, you'll get a few things that you're not used to:


Picture this...you've just purchased a PC and when it arrives...there's a problem. Wouldn't it be amazing if you placed a phone call to the company that built your PC for you and you could actually speak with the people who had their hands inside it? With Tracer, you can. How about this one...you'll receive a DVD that is the exact backup of the tested PC we've sent you. If you ever have a problem, just put it in and return to ground zero. At Tracer, we take great pride in answering the phones and supporting our customers. We don't charge you for tech support and you never get the bum's rush. You leave the telephone feeling satisfied...not depressed. Because we don't run an assembly line here, each PC is burned in for 3 days and tested...it doesn't leave here until it's ready.


Not only will you receive a computer with lightning fast performance and sterling components, but you won't need to overhaul your new computer 2 weeks after you receive it. We don't skimp on sound and video just to save a few shekels...we put a great deal of thought into even the most mundane elements of your computer. With Tracer, your computer is built exactly the way you want it. If you want things a certain way, you ask us and we do our best to suit your needs. Again...we don't run an assembly line here...we custom buy parts, etc., so no request is ignored...you want it a certain way, we build it that way.


Certainly there are places that let you choose what you want for your PC. But they are very expensive and also inflexible. Tracer won't charge you exorbitant prices for things like service and support. We've always thought that things like that should be part of business...not an added way to make money. We'd rather give you the most pleasant experience we can and make our money when you tell your friends. You won't talk to voice mails or leave a dozen emails until you get a response. We answer the phones and support our products no matter what you've spent with us. Try our 866 260 6376 toll free number.

Customized For You!

Our custom built PCs start at less than 1000 dollars. Everyone cares about different elements...tell us what you care about and we'll build a PC that fits your needs and budget! We won't push things on you that you don't need and we only charge you for what you want.

No shovelware, trialware, or any other "ware" software!

Our goal is to provide you with the fastest solution available for your price point. We also want to insure that your computer is set, right out of the box to suit your needs. To that end, we don't include any shovelware, ad-ware, limited-trial-ware, and any other types of crap that simply slow down your machine and bug you every 30 days to upgrade. After all, a 90 day trial of Microsoft Office is only good if you plan on living for 90 more days...otherwise, it's just a nuisance that you don't need. If you actually want Microsoft Office, we'll install it for you and include the disks...as well as all of your other disks so that should you ever have a problem, you won't need to hunt us down...you'll have everything you need as if you bought it yourself. Try getting your Microsoft XP or Vista disks from Dell...good luck.

Call Us

We've outlined some pretty nice custom built systems, but we'd love to discuss your exact needs...always feel free to call our toll-free number at 866 260 6376.

Call us today to start planning your new PC.

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