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Free Demo Downloads

Your Free Taste Test

Here are the free demos from Tracer Technologies. Some of the demos are in Zip format. To unzip, simply use the Winzip software. If you do not have Winzip, just go to http://www.winzip.com to download a free trial version. Most of our demos also have a manual or getting started guide included with them. If you run into any problems...even with the demo installation, feel free to call our tech support line 717 764 9240 or email [email protected] We even provide free support for our demos.

The Latest!

LPID Track ID software (V 1.01)

Download Here


Diamond Cut DC TEN 10.8

Another strong entry for this industry leader.

Download Here

Diamond Cut Forensics 10.8 Audio Forensics Software

This Forensics trailblazer simply has no equal in either features, usability or pricepoint! 38 Meg download)

Download Here

DC EIGHT Audio Restoration Software

Now you can test drive the world's best audio restoration and enhancement software. This 10 day trial will quickly show you why DC EIGHT towers about the rest! (32 Meg download)

Download Here

Audio Performer

Playlist Editing Arrives! Now you can get a 3 day taste test of our innovative new Audio Performance tool. This unusual approach to audio editing can help you rebuild a song that has been damaged, create stunning audio performance backgrounds for Ice Skating, Dance, and Gymnastic routines or even trigger a list of sound effects for a local theater, high school or church drama production. (3 Meg download)

Audio Performer Trial

Audio Integrity Demo

Check all of your audio files and your audio CDs for dropouts. Save yourself time and lots of blank CDs by making sure your audio system is working in pristine condition.

Download The Integrity Free Trial

Audio Mentor Try And Buy

Restoring your treasured recordings has never been easier. With Audio Mentor, you go from vinyl or tape to CD and never leave the program. Our intelligent wizard walks you through each step...from hooking up your turntable, to spitting out the CD at the end, you can't go wrong! If you've ever wanted to restore your favorite recordings, but are a little scared of technology...Audio Mentor is the perfect product for you. Only

Audio Mentor Try And Buy (NEW)

The Getting Started Guide

Download The Guide

DC Millennium Try and Buy

never bought so much power. See for yourself...with the new DC Millennium Try and Buy demo, you get 10 days to put this powerful product through its paces before a credit card is needed to unlock it. This is a fully working demo so you'll get a pretty good idea just how helpful a product like this will be in your audio restoration/enhancement projects. When you decide that you're ready to buy, just simply go to Help/Register...punch in your credit card and you receive an unlock code in minutes. That means that you can purchase DC Millennium 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We've also included a very cool Getting Started Guide so your 10 days won't be spent learning...you'll be getting results 30 minutes after you start. Just go to the Diamond Cut directory and look for the PDF.

DC Millennium Try and Buy

Download the DC Millennium Getting Started Guide Below:

Download The Millennium Getting Started Guide

N-Track Studio Multi-Track Software 6.0

Quartz Studio Questions? This is the product we replaced it with. Check it out!

Easy to use, cheap to buy, but with high quality professional performance! This cool multi-track product has got to be tried to be believed!

N-Track Studio Multi-Track Software 6.0

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