The 8-Track Tape Gold Repair Kit

The 8-Track Tape Gold Repair Kit

Got a ton of classic 8-Tracks, but too scared to actually play them? Time has not been your 8-track's best friend, but have no fear, with Gold 8-Track Repair Kit, you'll be able to renovate and repair your treasured 8-tracks as well as getting your player back in working condition. Best yet, with our tutorial DVD, you won't have to hold your breath and hope you do the right thing. It walks you through the various procedures with simple easy to follow instructions.

This is our ultimate restoration kit! In it, you'll receive:

  • 20 Tape Splicing Tabs
  • 20 Sensing Foil Replacement Tabs
  • Pressure Pad Replacement Foam
  • 10 Splicing Razor Blades
  • 1/4" Splicing Block
  • 10 day free trial of our Audio Mentor restoration and enhancement software so you can archive these treasured tapes to a more modern playback medium.
Our Price: $89.00
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