ForensicsCenter Custom Built Computer

ForensicsCenter Custom Built Computer

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Tracer Technologies has been on the leading edge of Audio Forensics since its inception. Our experience training and educating Forensics professionals all over the world has helped shape our new ForensicsCenter Custom Built Computer. Each element of this custom PC has been evaluated for speed, accuracy and security. You simply won't find a better solution as the centerpiece of your Forensics Lab.

Here are some of the main features:

  • It is unbelievably fast using the elite Intel I7-980X overclockable 6 core processor.
  • This world class speed can be used for both audio and video forensics
  • Includes 256GB Solid State Drive as boot drive to further increase speed
  • Includes 5 1TB drives
  • One TB drive simply unplugs from the front of the computer for quick swapping or to put in a safe.
  • Four other 1 TB drives are in a Directly Attached Storage cabinet with built in Raid backup = if a drive fails, it will immediately recover all the data.
  • Includes 12GB new Triple Channel memory to further speed up Windows 7 64 Ultimate
  • Both DVD and Bluray writers are included
  • Includes USB3 and SATA 3 and high power USB
  • Super fast video card with GDD5 and 1.5GB of memory - sli compatible

This is certainly, one of the fastest, safest and most secure systems on the market.

Like all of our Custom Built Computers, we encourage you to call us toll free at 866 260 6376...not so we can bother you with obnoxious sales folks, but so we can better determine exactly what you require. Like trying on a new suit, we want to make sure that your computer fits your needs exactly.

Our Price: $6,999.00

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